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Tip of The Month - FEBRUARY 2018

Understanding promotions, both competitive and non-competitive:

Understanding promotions, both competitive and non-competitive. Competitive promotions are those where candidates must “apply” and compete against others for the same position; in some cases including external applicants who are applying for the same job at the same time.

Non-competitive promotions are promotions wherein the candidate is selected (given an increase in pay not tied to the merit system, and additional responsibilities often with a change in title) without competition. Formal lines of progression, such as Accountant 1 to Accountant 2 for example, should be evaluated separately.

Both competitive and non-competitive promotions require analyses to determine if the process(es) reveals a disparity in the selection of a particular group; i.e., based on any race/ethnicity and/or gender. If a disparity exists, further examination of the selection decisions should be conducted to determine if all decisions and processes were uniformly followed and the person/candidate selected can be defended with a nondiscriminatory reason.

Keep in mind, this process is different from the hiring or acquisition process. For instance, where companies bid on contracts, and win, the employees who are “acquired” as a result of the contract win are not new hires, nor promotions, nor transfers. They are “encumbants”. They should not be included in any analyses, outside the employee headcount. They must be reported as part of the workforce. When the contract is lost, typically those “acquired” employees stay with the contract and therefore leave the company. These employees should not be included in the disparity analyses of terminations as these are not decisions made by company management.

Joyce Morgan, Morgan Consulting Services, LLC
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Tuesday February 8th, 2018

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  • 2018 Outlook: OFCCP/EEOC Enforcement Activity and Trends
  • Managing an OFCCP Audit: What is expected and how to present to OFCCP (Continued from November Meeting)
  • Update from OFCCP

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